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Isn't it exciting to picture yourself cruising on a yacht, especially if you haven't had the experience before? The simple mention of a yacht makes you imagine a millionaire sipping champagne and smoking a cigar. That picture has been created by many of the Hollywood movies we watch. This is not far from the truth though. 


But it's quite a relief  to know that renting a yacht isn't always that expensive. There are many yacht charter companies that offer a myriad of options when booking one. Before picking a yacht rental company, you need to contemplate a few basic issues. Some of these include the company's reputation, customer reviews, and so on. 


Some of these matters you need to consider before you rent a yacht in Dubai are explained in the subsequent paragraphs.


Number of people


The first thing you need to consider is the number of people that will be cruising. Depending on the kind of activity you want to engage in, you can choose the most suitable yacht for renting. Choose a 35 feet long yacht if your group consists of 30 or less individuals. A yacht with a length of 150 feet is recommended if you have more than 30 people. Trained crew are available on board for both of these.


Define the purpose


Do you want to hold a birthday party, go for a fishing trip, or simply just a sightseeing tour? The most recommended for throwing a birthday party is a luxury yacht. Enjoying a great fishing experience probably means you should rent a Sport Fishing Boat. A Sport Fishing Boat is smaller than a luxury yacht and can accommodate up to 8 guests. Ensure that bait and fishing equipment are provided if you are going fishing.


What is your budget?


Decide on the budget for your trip. You need to decide on this together with your companions bearing in mind the number of people you will have on board. Do you want the best experience and have no problems with the budget? A House Boat is your best choice. These boats are 90 feet in length and can house up to 120 guests. On board features on such boats include air-conditioned indoor and outdoor areas, Barbecue Grill, music, and a well-equipped kitchen.




If you want to avoid disappointments brought by unprofessional crew, you need to ensure they are qualified as you rent the yacht. Apart from good service, the safety of your guests should be a matter of top priority and should not be compromised under any circumstance. Ascertain that the yacht company is licensed to do the business. A majority of yacht charter companies give you trained crew on board to ensure you have an unforgettable cruising experience. Make the wisest choices and you'll have memorable experiences cruising.


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